Friday, June 5, 2009

abortion v. elf

so i wanted to compare the sentences between anti-abortion crimes such as arson and vandalism, and those commited by folks such as the earth liberation front.
it looks like they are fairly equal. i was supprised. i thought earth liberation actions would get higher sentences.

of course in the end we should abolish prisons...

oceans are polluted.

the level of ocean pollution sucks big time. there are insanly huge islands of trash floating around.

recently an airplane traveling from rio to paris crashed somewhere in the ocean. personally, i think it was aliens that abducted the plane. but the search effort to find any part of the plane has been hindered by random trash floating in the ocean. they thought they found parts of the plane, when it was just random junk.

The search by ships for wreckage from Air France flight AF 477, which came down early Monday as it was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris with 228 people on board, continued in a zone where confirmed items from the plane had been spotted earlier in the week.

"Up to now, no material from the plane has been recovered," Brigadier Ramon Cardoso, director of Brazilian air traffic control, told reporters in the northeastern city of Recife late Thursday.

That contradicted a statement Cardoso made earlier Thursday when he said a pallet and two buoys plucked from the Atlantic by navy crews were the first pieces of the Air France crash.

In fact, Cardoso admitted later, they were nothing more than sea "trash," probably from a ship, as was a big oil patch originally described as a fuel slick from the French jet.